Week One – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

I thought I would do a short post on my response to the first weekly Quiz. While the quiz was simple enough, it took me two attempts to reach 100% on the quiz and made me think about the way in which I observe information critically.

While the task mainly focused on most grammatical differences, the quiz reminded me that observation is key in comprehension – and by extension comprehension is key to critical thinking.

I am looking forward to jumping into Week 2 of the course!


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, London, England.

Week One – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

Week One – Inquiry Activity: Gold Coast Titans

The first task set for this blog is to review and compare the way the same story is presented in different ways (Ames 2015). The story in this case revolves around the NRL club the Gold Coast Titans.

Source: NRL Photos
Source: NRL Photos

NRL takes control of Gold Coast Titans

Written by and presented on the NRL home website, this article describes the take-over of the Gold Coast Titans Club, by the NRL.

Where the audience of this article is presumably NRL fans and enthusiasts, the NRL is presented as the ‘hero’ of the situation, assertively taking control of the Gold Coast Titans club, where they are struggling under “serious financial difficulties”.

The focus of this article is purely on the NRL’s move to take over the club, with key quotes and phrases to reassure fans that that the club would remain on the Gold Coast and it would be “business as usual for the football team”. Highlighting the new found security of the club and minimal changes to the clubs board of directors, the tone article emphasises the stability and strength of both the NRL and the Titans.

Five-year blueprint convinced NRL boss to save Titans just weeks before Gold Coast NRL club would have folded

Appearing in the Gold Coast Bulletin, the article again focuses on the take-over of the Titans club by the NRL, but with a difference in both tone and scope. It is assumed that the intended audience for this article are the local people of the Gold Coast area – who are also likely to be strong supporters and fans of the Titans.

The angle of this news story is distinctly different to the article presented on the NRL website. Where on the NRL site, the move to take over the club was presented as a show of strength by the NRL, the focus of this piece highlights the frailty of the Titan club at this time. The language choices which describe the club as being “in danger of folding due to crippling financial commitments and off-field dramas” present the story in a much more dramatic and ‘sensational’ light. This also coupled by the fact that this article also includes information relating to a drug surrounding the club at the same time as the “bailout” – which the NRL article failed to mention.

Similar to the NRL article, the key messages within this article present the take-over as a positive, if more dramatic view, change for the Titans club. Key references within this article take aim at central members of the organisation, including the Gold Coast Titan’s co-owner and founder Michael Searle, which differs from the NRL article.

Gold Coast Titans taken over by NRL, placed in voluntary administration after drugs scandal

Published on the ABC News website this article again takes a different view towards the Gold Coast Titans story. As the ABC is a national news source, it is assumed that the audience of this piece of writing is intended for the wider Australian public. This distinctly contrasts to the previous articles which were likely written for invested NRL fans.

Less dramatic than the story presented in the Gold Coast Bulletin, but more critical than that of the NRL, the article written by the ABC presents information pertaining to the NRL organisations move to take over the club and the recent drug scandal of the Titans.

Without dramatising either the take-over or the drugs with emotive language, the ABC article discusses with key quotes the strength and stability the NRL is offering the Titans, and the re-occurring issues with drugs across the NRL.


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Week One – Inquiry Activity: Gold Coast Titans

Week One – Practical Activity: Introduction

Hello! My name is Heather, an undergraduate student at CQUniversity, and this is my academic blog for COMM11007 (Media Writing), Semester 2 2015.

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Human Resources and Management – and chose Media Writing as an elective course. While I am not majoring in communications or journalism, I have a keen interest in both writing and the media.

My aims for this course are very simple in that I hope to learn a lot and achieve to a high standard. I am an ambitious student with a true desire to immerse myself in the courses that I undertake and the learning experiences they have to offer.

I am really looking forward to this course and can’t wait to get stuck in!

Week One – Practical Activity: Introduction