Week 10: Technical Activity – Final Blog Review

So, I am now officially at the point of my blog where all there is left to do is spend the next week or so refining my posts and checking for technical errors.

I have just done a solid once over with the ‘Blog Writing Checklist’ as a guide and picked up on a few silly errors in my writing (Ames 2015).

While I didn’t find any of the questions difficult from the checklist, I do know that when I have had a lot of exposure to my writing, I can easily miss technical errors. From here on out it really will be just a matter of reading over posts, again and again, to the point where I am happy with them before the submission date.

I will also be spending a significant amount of time between now and the 25th commenting and reviewing others blogs. While I have made a really good attempt at interacting with peers about their blogs throughout the semester, I know how helpful it is to have people review your work!

That’s all from me for now!


Ames, K 2015, Week 10 – Blog Checklist, course notes, COMM11007: Media Writing, CQUniversity e-courses, http://moodle.cqu.edu.au

Week 10: Technical Activity – Final Blog Review

2 thoughts on “Week 10: Technical Activity – Final Blog Review

  1. Great post! You have written a good reflection. Just check to ensure that you are referencing correctly. Have a look at the CQU Harvard referencing guide, I found it very useful. You have done another great post.


    1. Hey Lucy,

      Thanks for your comment. I went back and double checked – but I am pretty sure that the way I have referenced the Blog Checklist is right according to the study guide? Have you referenced it another way?


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