Week Eight – Practical Activity: Playfire

For this week’s practical activity we were to identify a social media networking site that aligns with our personal interest. As time goes on and social media continues to dominate the internet, it seems that there are increasing developments which support the notion that there are “different networks for different types of people” (Biscke 2014). In my down-time I really enjoy playing video games, and as such, chose Playfire as my social media platform.

After researching Playfire a bit more I think it could be used for personal networking in some really great ways (Playfire 2015). For instance Playfire, through an integrative desktop client, allows gamers to automatically track in-game achievements and gameplay settings. Additionally Playfire facilitates the social aspect of gaming by connecting users with their friends. Playfire works across a range of gaming devices including PC, PlayStation and Xbox to offering a comprehensive platform for a diverse gaming experience.

I really struggled to think about how Playfire could be applied professionally. I could definitely see the benefit of Playfire if you were a part of the gaming industry. Playfire, in addition to acting as a social media website, offers extensive reviews of new products, including gaming, software and hardware. Playfire as a community hub advertises upcoming events and tournaments within the gaming world allowing users to say informed – which would be great from a professional perspective.


Biscke, J 2014, The rise of the “Social Professional” networks, Techcrunch, viewed 23 Septemeber 2015, http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/28/the-rise-of-the-social-professional-networks/

Playfire 2015, Playfire – About us, Playfire, viewed 31 August 2015, https://www.playfire.com/a/about

Week Eight – Practical Activity: Playfire

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