Week Eight – Inquiry Activity: Playfire “First-Look” Review

Playfire says that it is “the ultimate gaming community” and from a first glance they aren’t kidding. Playfire is a comprehensive social media platform that offers users the chance to connect with other gamers in an online community.

As a gamer, when you first hit the website, you instantly feel like you are where you want to be. The homepage look and feel is one that tells you that these people know how to work graphics and games – bringing together imagery from iconic platform games such as Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto.

The website boasts three central features – Play. Track. Chat. – to connect gamers to the games they want to play and the people they want to play with. The track feature, a selling point of the social media platform, allows users to track achievements across consoles and online gaming websites, including the well-known Steam community hub. By linking their Steam account, Playfire users are able to earn Green Man Gaming store credit, and with that credit buy the games they love at discounted prices. One of the major highlights, and one of the features I love most about the website, is that it rewards users for simply doing what they love – playing games.

Playfire also offers expert insight into newly released software and hardware, along with comprehensive game reviews. As an avid gamer, I love reading about what is coming up – and Playfire certainly delivers, with its snappy reviews on a wide range of gaming titles. Their Twitter and Facebook page also go a long way in tying together all of these elements to present an appealing social media platform package.

While there is certainly seem to be a lot to rave about on the Playfire site, only time will tell to see if it is as truly as good as it says it is. Stay tuned!


Task Reflection

Not unlike media writing, experts suggest that successful reviews focus on highlighting important information (Fallon 2015). In the case of reviews, this often revolves around the central elements or features of the thing being reviews. Additionally, review writing guides suggest that it is important to write only what you know and have experienced yourself (Henry 2012). I am fairly unfamiliar with Playfire as a website, and was hesitant to review the site in any great depth. My solution to this was to take a “first-look” approach to reviewing the website. Stylistically, it is advocated that writers also take time to not only research the thing being reviewed, but incorporate elements of that community within the review piece (Metal 2011). Language in this way plays an important part in catering towards reader needs, while also giving credibility as a writer of a review.


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Week Eight – Inquiry Activity: Playfire “First-Look” Review

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