Week Seven – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

I have just completed both quizzes for week seven.

One of the questions I got wrong this week, was in spelling minuscule. As soon as I saw the right answer, it just hit me. I think it comes from a strategy that I was taught in primary school, which was to sound words out. But as I am sure everyone knows that doesn’t always work. But oh, well! Hopefully I have learned my lesson! I did think it was interesting that the feedback suggested that more people are using the spelling I chose. I really like how language evolves over time and with use!

The second question I got wrong on my first attempt was the one relating to the use of principal. It just goes to show how important context is with the use of some words. It’s easy to trip up and not consider context when you are quickly reading over a sentence. This again reminds me that I really need to slow down when completing these quizzes, and take the time to consider all the elements individually.

In the second quiz I got 100% on my first attempt! I was really excited, especially because I really found the chapter on style interesting. I find the technical details of writing so tedious, so to read about style and the use of style in effective writing was a great change. I really enjoyed the details about style, and responded to the four key elements of suitability, simplicity, precision and poise (Hicks 2013). From this course I know that I will take away a better understanding and greater appreciation for the technical aspects of writing – but I also think I will become a more stylistically sound writer.


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, London Routledge, New York

Week Seven – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

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