Week Seven – Practical Activity: Assignment Reflection

The practical activity for this week’s blog entry is reflect on our first assessment and make adjustments to it as required.

I have just spent some time going over my assessment in fine detail, paying special attention to spelling, style and punctuation. Having read on the forums, that there is a huge marking emphasis on technical detail, I wanted to ensure that I presented the most grammatically accurate news report and media release possible.

I also spent time going through the attached Marking Key Checklist (Ames 2015).

Marking Key Checklist

Quotations are correctly punctuated – Check. I know that this is where students in previous offerings fell down, so I tried to pay extra attention to this detail.

Use only says or said when attributing a source – Check. Similarly, I know this is where some students have gone wrong in the past, and I have made a really solid attempt to ensure I only use these terms.

A source is introduced using an indirect quote followed by a direct quote, and speech is not ‘mixed’ – Check. Avoided this completely within my news report/media report.

Numbers under 10 are spelled out, and numbers over 10 are figures – Check. Double and triple checked this.

Source attribution is consistent with news writing style – Check.

No semi-colons are used – Check.

Only proper nouns are capitalised – Check.

“I” is capitalised – Check.

Writing is active and succinct – Check.

There is no repetition in a story – Check. The only repetition in my assignment is in the talking points of the media release. Repetition is expected in this context.

Publication titles are in italics – Check.


Assignment Reflection

I found this assignment both straight forward and really complex. Where there was a clear direction in what we were required to write about and include, the devil was all in the detail in regards to technical and grammatical application.

I did not catch all of my issues on my first proof read, instead I went sentence by sentence for about a week; constantly refining my work. I didn’t find that there were that many initial mistakes, but it was more that I wanted to check with the textbook that I was using appropriate media writing style.

It was definitely helpful having a check list, and I think it will definitely make a difference to my result. On top of that, I think the check list reminds you not to overlook the simple things which can happen when you stare at the same assignment for so long.


Ames, K 2015, Week 7 – Marking Key Checklist, COMM11007: Media Writing, CQUniversity e-courses, https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/

Week Seven – Practical Activity: Assignment Reflection

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