Week Six – Practical Activity: Photo Series

For this week’s practical activity we were asked to develop a Photo-Caption story (Ames 2015). I focused on a day last week, where I was really busy traveling around town doing various odd jobs.


1I began my morning at Woodgate Beach; a small quiet beach located approximately 30 minutes away from my home town of Bundaberg.

1558474_10152170643642713_2128689268996388754_nNext stop was a trip to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery to pick up a gift for my father, for Father’s Day. The Rum Distillery is one biggest tourist attractions in town.

20150830_100338I ventured into town to do some more shopping. Bundaberg’s CBD is host to a number of speciality stores, including florists, cafes, clothing stores and more.

20150830_100313My final outing for the day was my cousin’s soccer match, where his team won 2-1.



Ames, K 2015, Blog Activity – Week 6, COMM11007: Media Writing, CQUniversity e-courses, https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/

Week Six – Practical Activity: Photo Series

2 thoughts on “Week Six – Practical Activity: Photo Series

  1. Hi Heather – I was intrigued by your choice of subject for this exercise and how you would bring a story together about the day in a life of an apple, however the Storify link you posted does not work so I was unable to read the story.


    1. Hey Scott!

      You are right, the link is broken. I actually took down that post as I have decided to use the same event for my Storify in Assignment 3 (it was a local market, but you’ve given me an excellent idea for my caption-story!). I appreciate your comment, I will review this post right away, to avoid anymore confusion!


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