Week Six – Inquiry Activity: “O” (A Cirque Du Soleil Production)

“O”: The Timeless Aquatic Production by Cirque Du Soleil Only At Bellagio

This week’s Inquiry activity asked us to select and review a Cirque de Soleil Media Kit. From this review we were to identify key elements of the Press Kit, and reflect on how they might be incorporated into a story.

Opening Quote from Writer/Director – I believe this would be a strong element to incorporate into the story, at is the only quote available from the press kit, and is one from an important source.

Lead Sentence – I think this lead sentence could be used to inspire a strong story lead. The emotive and descriptive language attempts to illustrate the atmospheric nature of the production, which would be important to convey in a story about the performance. It would be useful to incorporate into a story to entice readers and target audiences, much the same way the Press Kit does.

Overview of the Production – Great information that would almost certainly be included in any story piece written on the production. Section outlines insightful information into the show’s title, as well as performance elements and the shows setting.

Details of Awards Won – Great information again that would add to any story written about the production. The information has the potential to give the reader insight into the play from alternative perspectives. Where most readers want to know “Is the performance any good?” – This information gives factual information on the accolades the performance as achieved.

Further Facts – Additional facts, including its opening, how many spectators and number of performances, all of which could be used meaningfully to build a strong story about the production.

Creators & Additional Creative Contributors – I am on the fence about this one, in whether or not it would be useful in writing a story. It would depend on the type of story being written and further information about the individuals listed to ascertain if their inclusion would add value to the story. From a “review” point of view of the production, it is unlikely that this information would be useful.

Show Schedule – I feel this would definitely be useful to include within a story, given that it is likely that those reading are likely to be interested in such performances. It would however, most likely be included towards the end of the piece, as an addition piece of information.

Information to Reserve Tickets – It is unlikely that this information would be useful, unless added as further information at the end of a story.

Ticket Prices & Group Enquiry Contact Information – I think it is unlikely to be useful in writing a story. It may be added though as additional information, depending on the context/target audience of the story.

Information on Cirque Du Soleil – I think this information could definitely be worked into a story about the production. The information gives a broader scope to the performance as part of a wider range of high calibre performance artistry.

Media Contact Information – While it may not be directly incorporated into the story, the contact information available might be a great way to seek further insight.


Task Reflection

I really enjoy this activity. I couldn’t decide for the longest time which production/press kit I was going to review because they all sounded so good – which I think is the main aim of press kit and media releases in this context. As promotional material for any kind of performance, press kits are inherently designed and written to engage with readers to make them want to see the production.

Lewis (2008) suggests that press kits and media releases are an essential component of properly and effectively advertising events and productions. News/media releases and press/promotional releases are not so different. They both aim to highlight the most important information about the event. The difference lies therein the fact that press releases obviously strive to promote and advertise, where media releases aim to present clear and concise information (Dutch 2012).

The press kit for “O” demonstrates a press release that outlines the newsworthy elements of the production, while creating reader interest. Schwartz (2015) suggests that the use of the above elements is consistent with, and ultimately crucial, to successful press kits.


Dutch, A 2012, ‘The Art of a Press Release: How to Write one’, Inventors’ Digest, vol. 28, no. 9, p. 23.

Lewis, J 2008, ‘Writing a successful press release Part One’, Hudson Valley Business Journal, vol. 19, no. 50, p. 9.

Schwartz, M 2015, ‘Include these elements in your media releases’, CoSIDA Digest, p. 41.

Week Six – Inquiry Activity: “O” (A Cirque Du Soleil Production)

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