Week Four – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

I thought I did okay in this week’s quiz. On my first attempt I got a score of 7/10 – which I was quite happy with. I did however have some issues with the questions that I got wrong.

For example, on my first attempt, the following question wrong:


Surely “All of the above” is the most correct response to this question? While it does say in the text (Hicks 2013, pp. 42) that it is ludicrous and unnecessary – it is also redundant, over descriptive and verbose. If we are to pick the most correct answer, I strongly believe it would be “All of the above”.

Another question that I got wrong on my first attempt was:


Again, I chose which I felt was the best option relating to accuracy. The feedback in relation to the question states that writing for brevity should not be so brief as to cause confusion – but in instances such as this, I feel as though you would have expanded further in more sentences if the extra information was important. I disagree with the wording of the initial question in terms of requesting accuracy if the intention was to include all the components of the statement.

In reflection, I seem to have a love/hate relationship with these quizzes. I know from reading other students blogs, many other people feel the same. It is all a learning experience though. On my second attempt I got 100% – so looking forward to next week’s quiz.


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, London, England.

Week Four – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

2 thoughts on “Week Four – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

  1. lynettepope says:

    Hi Heather, thank you for your comment on my blog. It prompted me to come and read your blog entries and I laughed when I read this one: between the two of us we will rewrite the whole text book and quiz!

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  2. Hello Heather,

    The quizzes are very annoying. I find that a lot of the questions have ambiguous answers and/or are matters of opinion as opposed to being specific rules with objectively correct answers. Even going over the textbook, the wording of the question will be vague enough to allow two legitimately correct answers, and you basically have to guess. You can see the attempt at a trick question, but it’s not worded in a precise enough way for any reasonable distinction to be made between two (or more, sometimes) potentially correct answers. Like I said, very annoying.


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