Week Three – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

This quiz this week was tougher than I expected it to be. I did my best to prepare, by reading the textbook chapter twice, but it wasn’t enough to get 100% the first time around. On my first attempt I scored 8/12 so 66% – not bad I suppose, but not great.

The eternal struggle I have with these quizzes is that I simply read too fast – when I really should slow down and appreciate the sentence and how it is constructed. This is something I want to reflect on in another post later in the week, but for now I am content with having reached 100% on my second attempt.

As previously mentioned in another quiz reflection – although my perfectionist side will never forgive me for admitting it – I am always happy to get things wrong. I am a very firm believer in that by getting things wrong, you have a greater chance of learning from your experience. In something as simple as an English quiz, getting things wrongs means that you know where you can improve!

From a critical stand-point, the only question I disagreed with was the one pertaining to never mixing ‘you’ and ‘one’ in the same sentence (Hicks 2013, pp.36). I feel like in some cases this is a matter of writing style. As the feedback suggests, it is effective in persuasive writing, and the argument could be made that some media stories aim to be persuasive.

It is definitely food for thought.


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, London, England.

Week Three – Technical Activity: Quiz Response

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