Week Two – Practical: Twitter Account

As per the requirements of this week’s learning activities I have made a Twitter account (Ames 2015). While I am no stranger to social media, this will be my first experience with the Twitter platform.

As a component of this week’s task, we were to identify and follow at least 20 different journalists. Finding popular and reputable news sources (i.e. ABC News, Guardian Australia, SBS News) to ‘Follow’ wasn’t difficult – but what I did find was that it was harder to find Twitter accounts belonging exclusively to a Journalist, rather than a News organisation as a whole. I am currently following 23 Twitter accounts, with the hope that once I get more comfortable, that number will grow.

Since Twitter has come about, I have always found it really interesting the effect that only a few words can have when accessible by many – or in this case millions. My intention further down the track is to expand this post with a reflection on my initial thoughts of Twitter vs. the experience of being an active and participating user of the social media website.

If you are reading this and interested, feel free to follow me!


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Week Two – Practical: Twitter Account

2 thoughts on “Week Two – Practical: Twitter Account

  1. Hi Heather,
    As a new Tiwtter user also, I’ve found Twitter’s ‘who to follow’ suggestions helpful in regards to adding individual journalists to my following list. A quick Google never hurts either! 🙂


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